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Leksell GammaPlan®

Boost planning power

Leksell GammaPlan 10

Elekta continues to enhance Leksell GammaPlan further by introducing Leksell GammaPlan 10. It is the latest advance in Elekta’s software portfolio for Leksell Gamma Knife®. This software upgrade enables improved treatment planning capabilities, better throughput and ease-of-use. Leksell GammaPlan 10 also gives you the opportunity to upgrade to all the new power available in Inverse Planning, Convolution and AtlasSpace®.

Leksell Gamma Knife Surgery

The concept

The idea behind Leksell GammaPlan is that it enables the physician to tailor a conformal treatment plan for a specific medical condition. It has been developed in collaboration with the professionals who actually use the system.

Significant benefits

  • Powerful and reliable Linux operating system on a PC platform Multiple users of the on-line patient database
  • Easy treatment planning of multiple lesions
  • Support of all imaging modalities including frameless image studies¹
  • Dose sculpting of complex structures with Composite Shots feature²
  • Protects critical anatomical structures through Dynamic Shaping²

¹ When using ImageMerge™ add-on
² A Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ feature

Add power to your planning

Elekta continues to add functionality to Leksell GammaPlan. Using the latest technology, Gamma Knife® software modules bring more power to your planning. This opens the platform for future upgrades and opportunities, while delivering on daily clinical needs for improved workflow, cost efficiency and treatment quality.


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