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Products A-Z

Products A-Z

  • 3D-Arm™

    Elekta's 3D-Arm™ Kit is a versatile tool kit, providing a stable and precise positioning platform for micro- and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

  • Active Breathing Coordinator™
    Active Breathing Coordinator™

    Provides non-invasive, internal immobilization of anatomies affected by respiratory motion, through comfortable, simple and efficient assisted breath-hold techniques.

  • Afterloaders

    We offer the world’s most advanced afterloaders to optimally support your clinic’s needs. The Flexitron® afterloader and microSelectron® Digital afterloader can play a vital role in treating cancer successfully.

  • Agility™

    Agility is the superior beam shaping solution for a truly multifunctional approach to faster treatment deliveries and better dose distributions.


    ANALYTIQ is Elekta's data analysis tool that provides the ability to thoroughly review and evaluate data collected by Elekta’s line of cancer care solutions.

  • Apex™

    Apex facilitates practice expansion into stereotactic treatments while enabling a range of additional clinical applications.

  • Application Solutions
    Application Solutions

    There are several examples of areas in which the application of stereotactic techniques expands the surgeon's options. By increasing the number of choices available, the surgeon's chances of finding the optimal treatment modality for the individual patient increases significantly.

  • APS™ - Automatic Positioning System
    APS™ - Automatic Positioning System

    Refined robotic system making minimal adjustments of patients head to optimize the radiation dose

  • Arnhem Bile Duct Applicator
    Arnhem Bile Duct Applicator

    The Arnhem Bile Duct Applicator is intended for the treatment of carcinoma of the bile duct. It is placed directly within the drainage tube. It features an additional outer layer to reduce the surface dose. It is also suitable for other intralumenal treatments.

  • Atlas-based Autosegmentation

    Deforms atlases of anatomy previously defined on a reference image onto a new patient image, creating a new structure set fit to the patient anatomy.

  • AutoCAL

    Software that automates the MLC calibration process using EPID images from iViewGT™

  • Beam Modulator™
    Beam Modulator™

    High resolution beam-shaping fully integrated with the linear accelerator, offering the possibility to interdigitate and create multiple field shapes within a single beam delivery.

  • BellySTEP™

    The BellySTEP is designed to reduce the irradiated small bowel volume of patients to facilitate a proper and comfortable prone position during pelvic area treatment.

  • Bladder Brachytherapy Applicators
    Bladder Brachytherapy Applicators

    Unique integrated catheter/needle system, designed to enable laparoscopic, minimally invasive bladder brachytherapy procedures.

  • BlueBAG™

    BlueBAG vacuum cushions offer one of the most advanced vacuum cushion technology available today.

  • BodyFIX®

    Dual vacuum system provides stable immobilization and repeatable positioning by minimizing both voluntary and involuntary patient movement, including breathing movements.

  • Bonvoisin-Gerard Esophageal Applicator
    Bonvoisin-Gerard Esophageal Applicator

    The Bonvoisin-Gerard Esophageal applicator is designed to assist in the treatment of an endoscopically obstructed esophagus.

  • Brachytherapy Needles
    Brachytherapy Needles

    Our range of ProGuide needles has been specially designed for interstitial brachytherapy. Manufactured from a high-quality material, they are available in two versions that match the desired conditions for needle insertion.

  • Breast Brachytherapy Applicators
    Breast Brachytherapy Applicators

    Both the OncoSmart Catheter System and the Breast CT-MR Template Sets are excellent applicators for breast brachytherapy. The combination of both applicators gives great flexibility, both for the breast brachytherapy treatment, but also for the patient.

  • Breast CT-MR Template Set
    Breast CT-MR Template Set

    The advanced Breast CT/MR Template Set smoothly guides needles for multi-catheter implants. The template’s lightweight design provides patient comfort. Levers allow for easy assembly and placement of the templates for treatment.

  • BreastSTEP™

    The BreastSTEP is designed to improve the accuracy of radiation therapy for the breast, thorax and upper abdomen areas in a patient friendly and non-invasive manner.

  • Breast Template Set
    Breast Template Set

    The Breast Template Set provides a dose distribution according to the Paris Dosimetry System.

  • Bronchus & Esophagus Brachytherapy Applicators
    Bronchus & Esophagus Brachytherapy Applicators

    The LumenCare® Azure offers clinicians an excellent solution for lung and other intraluminal brachytherapy applications. It is specifically designed to improve the delivery of lung cancer brachytherapy treatments, expanding the treatable area.

  • Cancer Registry Remote ASP

    Elekta's remote Application Service Provider (ASP) solution keeps registry data management systems and databases at the Elekta data center, providing user access via secure internet connection.

  • Cancer Registry Software

    Cancer registry is an essential component of Elekta’s comprehensive oncology IT solution.

  • Cervix Rotterdam Applicator
    Cervix Rotterdam Applicator

    The Cervix Rotterdam Applicator has been designed to support fast and dependable cervical brachytherapy. The use of titanium makes the applicator thin and lightweight, with a design that aids correct implantation. The use of titanium minimizes the artifacts in CT and MR images.

  • Clarity® Soft Tissue Visualization
    Clarity® Soft Tissue Visualization

    Groundbreaking non-invasive, non-ionizing image guidance technology to enable exquisite visualization of soft tissue targets, provides promising platform for next generation motion management.

  • Clinical Trials Management

    Elekta Software’s Clinical Trials module extends Impac Software’s practice management ability to effectively manage patients on clinical trials.

  • CMS-Direct

    Solutions that support the evolving workflow and data management requirements of today's fast-paced radiation therapy facility

  • Connexion™

    Connexion offers clinics the flexibility to select the most appropriate couchtop providing personalized efficiency, and strengthening the ability to optimize treatment outcomes.

  • Consulting Services
    Consulting Services

    Achieve real results and elevate clinical performance with our offerings, which encompass all aspects of practice management, strategies, billing and marketing.

  • Disposable Accessories

    Insulated Fixation Posts with disposable inserts, Disposable Fixation Screws and Disposable Biopsy Needle Kit are all elements in a complete system that reduces the risk for cross-contamination for Leksell Stereotactic System®.

  • Document Management

    MOSAIQ provides a multi-dimensional document management system.

  • Dynamic micro multileaf collimator
    Dynamic micro multileaf collimator

    Elekta's range of fine resolution add-on DMLCs enhance the capabilities of delivery systems, optimized to provide beam-shaping for a range of clinical workflows

  • Elekta Axesse™
    Elekta Axesse™

    Fully integrated stereotactic radiation therapy system which combines 3D and 4D image guidance at the time of treatment with ultra-conformal beam shaping and robotic 6D sub-millimeter patient positioning.

  • Elekta Compact™
    Elekta Compact™

    Elekta Compact™ offers a comprehensive program of clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency for both the basic therapies of today and the advanced protocols of the future.

  • Elekta Esarte™
    Elekta Esarte™

    Relocatable frame for high precision intracranial treatment, that is easy-to-use, comfortable and provides a highly accurate fit for fractionated intracranial stereotactic applications.

  • Elekta Infinity™
    Elekta Infinity™

    System designed for Volumetric Arc Modulated Therapy (VMAT). Infinity delivers superb dose conformance, treatment speed and ultra-low dose safeguards.

  • Elekta Microdrive™
    Elekta Microdrive™

    Elekta MicroDrive is designed to find the optimal electrode position for functional targets with the utmost accuracy to achieve the best clinical outcome.

  • Elekta Neuromag® Functional Mapping
    Elekta Neuromag® Functional Mapping

    Functional mapping using magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology is a safe, noninvasive method for imaging human brain activity.

  • Elekta Neuromag® TRIUX™
    Elekta Neuromag® TRIUX™

    Elekta Neuromag TRIUX is particularly effective in non-invasive, pre-surgical localization among epilepsy patients, as well as in the functional mapping of sensory, cortical and autonomic responses.

  • Elekta Synergy®
    Elekta Synergy®

    IGRT system that enables 2D, 3D and 4D imaging at treatment time with the patient in the treatment position, increasing clinical confidence and defining a new standard of care.

  • Elekta Synergy® Platform
    Elekta Synergy® Platform

    Unique multi-functional digital accelerator that is XVI-ready and future proofed. It combines all the proven benefits of Elekta digital accelerators with a platform for image guided radiation therapy.

  • Elekta Synergy® S
    Elekta Synergy® S

    Image-guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) treatment system enabling Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and VMAT. Provides image-guided accuracy and highly conformal beam shaping.

  • Elekta VMAT
    Elekta VMAT

    Elekta VMAT is an advanced radiation therapy solution which has been developed to remove traditional restrictions to treatment delivery, delivering a reduced integral dose to the patient and the potential to dramatically reduce treatment times.

  • Esophageal Applicator Set
    Esophageal Applicator Set

    The Esophageal Applicator is designed for direct insertion into the esophagus.

  • Esteya® the new approach to treating skin cancer
    Esteya® the new approach to treating skin cancer

    Esteya is a patient-friendly electronic brachytherapy solution for treating skin cancer. Esteya can be used anywhere in the clinic, has a favorable procedure time and user-friendly operation.

  • Extend™ frame system
    Extend™ frame system

    The rigid carbon-fiber construction of the frame provides maximum stability to enable the most accurate, non-invasive localization available.

  • Extend™ System
    Extend™ System

    The Extend™ System from Elekta is a complete system for extending the utilization of Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

  • Financial Solutions
    Financial Solutions

    Finance technology acquisitions with Elekta’s comprehensive, flexible solutions.

  • Fletcher CT-MR Applicator
    Fletcher CT-MR Applicator

    The Fletcher CT-MR Applicator uses two ovoids to shape a ‘Fletcher-type’ dose for intracavitary cervical brachytherapy. This proven pear-shaped dose matches the anatomy of the cervix and surrounding areas.

  • Fletcher Williamson Applicator Set
    Fletcher Williamson Applicator Set

    This applicator is based on the dosimetry of the conventional Shielded Fletcher Style Applicator. A lightweight tungsten alloy shielding is incorporated in the ovoid tubes to reduce dose to bladder and rectum.

  • Flexible Implant Tubes
    Flexible Implant Tubes

    The OncoSmart Flexible Implant Tubes are developed for treatments that require a moldable source path.

  • Flexitron® Treatment Delivery
    Flexitron® Treatment Delivery

    The Flexitron® future-proof afterloading platform is designed to optimally support your clinic’s needs and can play a vital role in treating cancer successfully.

  • Focal 4D

    Visualization and utilization of 4D image sets to create structures and review treatment plan options.

  • Fraxion™

    An innovative solution which brings all the proven immobilization options into one single solution.

  • Freiburg Flap
    Freiburg Flap

    The Freiburg Flap is a flexible mesh style surface mold for skin or intra-operative surface treatments. The flexible, soft applicator can easily be shaped to fit curved surfaces. It is ideally suited for large lesions or surface lesions that are difficult to cover, such as on the skull or face.

  • Fritz Adjustable Intralumenal Applicator
    Fritz Adjustable Intralumenal Applicator

    The Fritz adjustable intralumenal applicator is designed for treatment of the esophagus, trachea or bronchus (main stem).

  • Fully integrated brachytherapy applicators
    Fully integrated brachytherapy applicators

    With a broad portfolio of specialized applicators, Elekta offers a complete and customer-focused applicator range for more than 15 types of cancer in a variety of anatomies.

  • Functional Mapping for Clinical and Research Applications

    MEG has been proven to be of clinical utility, enabling improved patient management in the evaluation of epilepsy as well as the presurgical mapping of visual, auditory, somatosensory, motor cortex and language functional areas. Current estimates indicate that up to 25 percent or more of patients with epilepsy are refractory to all forms of medical therapy.

  • Gamma Knife® Surgery - Stereotactic Radiosurgery
    Gamma Knife® Surgery - Stereotactic Radiosurgery

    A complete system for cranial stereotactic radiosurgery, delivering highly targeted treatment doses to tumors, while sparing healthy surrounding tissues.

  • Gynecological Brachytherapy Applicators
    Gynecological Brachytherapy Applicators

    Find out all about our wide range of applicators for gynecological brachytherapy. Our basic applicators have been further developed to allow for interstitial brachytherapy or the use of multiple channels, to deliver an even more precise dose in cervical brachytherapy.

  • Head & Neck Brachytherapy Applicators
    Head & Neck Brachytherapy Applicators

    The Rotterdam Nasopharyngeal Mold is manufactured from a flexible silicone material to easily shape the radiation dose in the nasopharyngeal cavity. It consists of two channels on the upper surface to optimize the dose distribution and reduce the surface dose.

  • HeadFIX®

    Unique vacuum activated head frame used during stereotactic treatment delivery, providing a highly accurate and reliable non-invasive immobilization and repositioning device.

  • HeadSTEP™

    Thermoplastic mask system providing reliable non-invasive immobilization and repositioning.

  • HexaPOD™ evo RT System
    HexaPOD™ evo RT System

    Next generation robotic patient positioning platform with six degrees of freedom.

  • iBEAM® evo Couchtop
    iBEAM® evo Couchtop

    Next generation couchtop for both imaging and treatment, providing outstanding in situ imaging quality and minimising artifacts.

  • iBEAM® evo CT Overlay
    iBEAM® evo CT Overlay

    The iBEAM evo CT Overlay is identical in design, geometry and dosimetric properties with the iBEAM evo Couchtop and offers the total departmental solution in combination with an iBEAM evo Couchtop (installed on the linac table).

  • Identify™

    Designed to enhance confidence and efficiency, Identify provides independent verification of Right Patient, Right Location & Right Setup.

  • Image & Data Archive

    Integrated Image and Data Archive for Oncology.

  • Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
    Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

    Enabling improved dose conformance and reduction of healthy tissue irradiation, Elekta’s IGRT solutions complement the portfolio of therapy techniques available on Elekta linear accelerators.

  • Image Management

    The MOSAIQ integrated imaging platform provides centralized access to all image data.

  • Installation and Implementation
    Installation and Implementation

    Experience smooth installation and implementation that ensure customers go live quickly and successfully.

  • Interstitial Ring CT-MR Applicator
    Interstitial Ring CT-MR Applicator

    The Interstitial Ring applicator is a state-of-the-art treatment solution for combined intracavitary and interstitial cervical brachytherapy.

  • Intracavitary Mold Applicator Set
    Intracavitary Mold Applicator Set

    Brachytherapy offers an exciting opportunity for tailored coverage of the treatment target in intracavitary brachytherapy, such as endorectal or vaginal brachytherapy. The Intracavitary Mold enables a highly conformal intracavitary brachytherapy solution that facilitates short treatment times.

  • Intuity™

    Advanced registration tools to protect organs at risk following patient position corrections ensuring accurate dose placement.

  • iViewGT™

    2D MV imaging obtains a real-time, snapshot image while dose is being delivered.

  • Kuske Breast Applicator Set
    Kuske Breast Applicator Set

    The Kuske Breast Applicator Set Optimal gives target dose coverage, including wide volumes, and supports optimized dose conformity.

  • Leipzig Applicator Set
    Leipzig Applicator Set

    The Leipzig Applicator Set tungsten shielded and designed for treatment of surface lesions. It can be used for superficial skin, intra-oral and vaginal cuff lesions.

  • Leksell® Coordinate Frame G
    Leksell® Coordinate Frame G

    Minimally invasive frame system for Stereotactic Radiosurgery treatment, engineered for maximum accuracy, ease of use and flexibility.

  • Leksell® Neuro Generator
    Leksell® Neuro Generator

    A complete system designed for a wide range of treatment techniques and therapies, which now includes pulsed RF completing the wide range of functions available for performing functional neurosurgery

  • Leksell® Stereotactic Instruments
    Leksell® Stereotactic Instruments

    Leksell Stereotactic instruments comprise the fundamental components for Leksell Stereotactic System

  • Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™
    Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

    Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion redefines excellence in stereotactic radiosurgery, making the entire treatment procedure efficient and user-friendly

  • Leksell GammaPlan®
    Leksell GammaPlan®

    The latest advance in Elekta’s software portfolio for Leksell Gamma Knife®, enables improved treatment planning capabilities, better throughput and ease-of-use.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® 10
    Leksell GammaPlan® 10

    Software platform which enables optimal clinical performance in terms of speed, planning, ease, targeting accuracy, and re-treatment.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - ColorPET™
    Leksell GammaPlan® - ColorPET™

    ColorPET, an add-on for Leksell GammaPlan, is intended for use with the ImageMerge™ add-on and is designed to facilitate preoperative planning and postoperative follow-up.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - Convolution
    Leksell GammaPlan® - Convolution

    Convolution is one of several value-added software modules in the Leksell GammaPlan portfolio. It enables accurate dose calculation for the treatment of heterogeneous tissue.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - DICOM-RT
    Leksell GammaPlan® - DICOM-RT

    DICOM-RT, an add-on for Leksell GammaPlan, enables users to benefit from data generated by various treatment planning systems.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - Functional Planning
    Leksell GammaPlan® - Functional Planning

    Functional Planning is one of several value-added software modules - add-ons - for Leksell GammaPlan. It offers dedicated capabilities for functional neurosurgery, facilitating improved clinical outcomes.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - ImageMerge™
    Leksell GammaPlan® - ImageMerge™

    With ImageMerge, an add-on for Leksell GammaPlan, co-registration of tomographic images and functional study data is facilitated by a mutual information algorithm that delivers quick and accurate alignment of image data from a variety of diagnostic sources.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - Inverse Planning
    Leksell GammaPlan® - Inverse Planning

    Inverse Planning add-on consists of two independent functions – filling and optimization.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - Re-treatment
    Leksell GammaPlan® - Re-treatment

    The Re-Treatment add-on for Leksell GammaPlan offers tools for pre-planning, follow-up and re-treatment of Gamma Knife surgery cases.

  • Leksell GammaPlan® - WarpSpeed™
    Leksell GammaPlan® - WarpSpeed™

    WarpSpeed provides interactive dose planning for unparalleled dose control with unmatched speed through instant updates on screen.

  • Leksell Stereotactic System®
    Leksell Stereotactic System®

    The world's most preferred system for highly accurate intracranial neurosurgery, combining excellent imaging, high platform rigidity and ease of use when treating deep seated targets in the brain.

  • Leksell SurgiPlan®
    Leksell SurgiPlan®

    Leksell SurgiPlan is an advanced image-based neurosurgical planning software for PC, specifically designed for Leksell Stereotactic System®

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - AtlasSpace®
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - AtlasSpace®

    AtlasSpace is a new option for Leksell SurgiPlan®. It is a powerful tool for functional neurosurgery, further facilitating evaluation of patient images and identifying correct targets. AtlasSpace is the next generation computerized stereotactic brain atlas based on the Schaltenbrand & Wahren atlas.

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - ColorPET™
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - ColorPET™

    Facilitates preoperative planning and postoperative follow-up

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - Functional Planning
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - Functional Planning

    Functional Planning offers dedicated capabilities for functional procedures, facilitating improved clinical outcomes.

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - ImageMerge™
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - ImageMerge™

    Facilitates better image interpretation by enabling the co-registration of additional frameless images.

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - Pre-Planning™
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - Pre-Planning™

    Pre-Planning, together with the ImageMerge module, increases flexibility and saves time as well as resources considerably.

  • Leksell SurgiPlan® - Stereotactic Planning
    Leksell SurgiPlan® - Stereotactic Planning

    Stereotactic Planning offers a wide variety of features to plan the surgical approach.

  • LumenCare® Azure
    LumenCare® Azure

    The LumenCare® Azure offers clinicians an excellent solution for lung and other intraluminal brachytherapy applications. It is specifically designed to improve the delivery of lung cancer brachytherapy treatments, expanding the treatable area.

  • Lumencath Applicator
    Lumencath Applicator

    The Lumencath Applicator is specially designed to fit into a bronchoscope channel, making it ideal for endobronchial brachytherapy. Using this technique, the catheter can be placed in the treatment area under direct visual control.

  • Luneray® Applicator
    Luneray® Applicator

    Integrated catheter/needle system, designed to enable laparoscopic, minimally invasive bladder brachytherapy procedures.
    Note: Luneray is not available for sale in all markets. Please contact your local representative for more information.

  • Martinez Brachytherapy Prostate Template
    Martinez Brachytherapy Prostate Template

    The Martinez Brachytherapy Prostate template for PDR & HDR Brachytherapy has been designed to assist in enhancing precision.

  • Martinez Universal Perineal Interstitial Template
    Martinez Universal Perineal Interstitial Template

    The Martinez Universal Perineal Interstitial Template (MUPIT) is designed for interstitial placement of needlesfor brachytherapy.

  • Medical Billing

    With Elekta Software, billers spend their time capturing authorized charges, not hunting down authorizations.

  • Medical Oncology Software

    Elekta Software handles the complexities of medical oncology by providing a Clinician Worksheet™ that helps the medical oncologist plan, order, and monitor the chemotherapy process.

  • Metal Interstitial Needles
    Metal Interstitial Needles

    Interstitial needles are used for treatment of carcinoma where no lumen or cavity is available, or where additional and very precise target area coverage is required.

  • METRIQ® / METRIQ® Premier

    METRIQ is a full-featured oncology data management system that simplifies the process of quality data collection and analysis.

  • Miami Vaginal Applicator Set
    Miami Vaginal Applicator Set

    Miami Vaginal Applicator Set contains 6 lateral tubes, which are equally spaced around the surface of the cylinder for optimized treatment. A central tube and different intrauterine tubes expand the possible treatment options.

  • microSelectron® Digital treatment delivery
    microSelectron® Digital treatment delivery

    The microSelectron automated remote afterloading platform is the solid foundation of today’s brachytherapy. The Flexitron® predecessor’s reputation is proven by its large installed base.

  • MLCi2

    High resolution beam-shaping fully integrated with the linear accelerator, offering the possibility to interdigitate and create multiple field shapes within a single beam delivery.

  • Monaco®

    Precision planning for photon and electron based plans

  • Monaco®-New-Features

    Monaco is a state-of-the-art IMRT, VMAT and SBRT planning solution that brings new concepts to the clinic. These concepts provide sophisticated approaches to make planning easier, more reproducible and clinically reliable.

  • Monaco® with VMAT

    Monaco® with VMAT allows for single or multiple non-coplanar arcs simultaneously, providing the flexibility and control needed for more complex treatment plans.

  • Monaco Sim

    3D conformal radiation therapy, IMRT, VMAT, stereotactic MLC and cone, 4D and Siemens mARC (rIMRT)

  • MOSAIQ® Connect

    MOSAIQ Connect integrates demographic, tumor and staging data from the EMR and automatically matches incoming records with patient records already in registries—saving time by eliminating redundant data entry.

  • MOSAIQ® Data Director

    An intelligent solution for both short and long-term management of DICOM and non-DICOM images and data.

  • MOSAIQ® Evaluate
    MOSAIQ® Evaluate

    Provides comprehensive treatment planning tools directly within MOSAIQ. Multiple plan evaluation, review, approval and promotion can now be performed inside the patient chart, allowing clinicians to review the entire treatment plan on any MOSAIQ workstation.

  • MOSAIQ® IQ Scripts™

    MOSAIQ® IQ Scripts™ brings advanced automation and process improvement to deliver greater control, efficiency and customization across your entire oncology workflow.

  • MOSAIQ® Survivorship™
    MOSAIQ® Survivorship™

    MOSAIQ® Survivorship™ toolkit helps you to deliver long term care and support for your cancer survivor patients.

  • Motion Management
    Motion Management

    Hardware and software innovations enable clinicians to reliably compensate for patient breathing, increasing treatment delivery accuracy and clinical confidence.

  • MotionView

    Helps locate targets that move on a high frequency basis, critical with the use of small treatment fields or in PreciseBEAM® IMRT. Like fluoroscopy, MotionView allows evaluation of patient motion while the patient is in the treatment position

  • National Oncology Data Alliance™ (NODA)

    Helps cancer programs maximize use of MOSAIQ EMR solutions and METRIQ integrated oncology data management systems. Enables evaluation of care patterns and benchmark analysis on EMR or cancer registry software programs.

  • Oncentra® Brachy Treatment Planning
    Oncentra® Brachy Treatment Planning

    The radiotherapy treatment planning system Oncentra® Brachy offers the latest and most advanced tools to make the best possible brachytherapy plan.

  • Oncentra® External Beam

    Oncentra® External Beam - Integrated solution for external beam treatment planning

  • Oncentra® VMAT
    Oncentra® VMAT

    A completely independent solution for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy. Oncentra VMAT provides clinicians with next generation planning capability including support for single arc, dual arc and skip arc techniques for compatible Varian and Elekta accelerators.

  • Oncology Data Alliances

    Through the ODA, customers enhance the body of data available for crucial disease and treatment research.

  • Oncology Informatics/Data Alliances

    Elekat Software helps you make better decisions for your cancer program, by empowering you with information.

  • OncoSmart® Catheter Set
    OncoSmart® Catheter Set

    The OncoSmart Catheter System is an elegant treatment solution for breast brachytherapy. The system permits breast brachytherapy treatments on an outpatient basis, enabling the patient to resume daily life between fractions.

  • OncoSmart® ProGuide Needles and Markers
    OncoSmart® ProGuide Needles and Markers

    Our range of ProGuide needles has been specially designed for interstitial brachytherapy. Manufactured from a high-quality material, they are available in two versions that match the desired conditions for needle insertion.

  • Particle Therapy Solutions
    Particle Therapy Solutions

    Elekta particle therapy solutions offer comprehensive workflow and treatment systems to maximize your investment and support excellence in patient care.

  • Particle Therapy Treatment Planning

    Particle Therapy Treatment Planning with XiO provides a comprehensive 3D IMRT planning platform, including automated tools to reduce planning time and robust dose calculation algorithms for highly precise plans.

  • Patient Positioning & Verification

    MOSAIQ provides a consistent treatment workflow for patient and site-specific setup, independent verification, accurate delivery, and thorough documentation of all treatment modalities, regardless of equipment manufacturer.

  • Pipard Tongue Applicator Set
    Pipard Tongue Applicator Set

    The Pipard Tongue Template Set is designed for accurate placement of needles and flexible implant tubes in the base of the tongue.

  • PlanarView

    Elekta Synergy PlanarView provides similar functionality to existing orthogonal MV portal images for initial patient set-up.

  • PreciseBEAM®

    PreciseBEAM is the IMRT solution from Elekta. PreciseBEAM is a clinically practical everyday IMRT solution for rapid and precise delivery & verification of IMRT techniques.

  • Precise Treatment System™
    Precise Treatment System™

    Advanced digital treatment system providing a wide range of energy levels and providing exceptional beam characteristics for IMRT. Equipped with Elekta OmniWedge™, and choice of fully integrated MLCi or Beam Modulator™.

  • Prostate Brachytherapy Applicators
    Prostate Brachytherapy Applicators

    The Prostate Stepper Template Set is an excellent solution for applying interstitial techniques in HDR prostate brachytherapy. It is placed in a stepper holder, which is available for various ultrasound stepper devices.

  • Prostate Stepper Template Set
    Prostate Stepper Template Set

    The Prostate Stepper Template Set is an excellent solution for applying interstitial techniques in HDR prostate brachytherapy. It is placed in a stepper holder, which is available for various ultrasound stepper devices.

  • ProSTEP™

    Improve the accuracy of the positioning and repositioning of the lower abdomen and extremities.

  • Quality Assurance and Accessories
    Quality Assurance and Accessories

    Elekta offers total integrated solutions, such as the Source Position Check Ruler, Source Position Simulator, CT-MR Applicator Clamp and Patient Belt Coupling.

  • Radiation Oncology Data Alliance

    The RODA is an initiative by Elekta Software to create the foundation for the first radiation oncology-specific data registry.

  • Radiation Oncology Software

    Elekta Software provides the ability to streamline the process as a whole while delivering secure access to the patient information and images that drive clinical decision-making.

  • Real-time brachytherapy for prostate cancer
    Real-time brachytherapy for prostate cancer

    Real-time Prostate Solutions allow a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy, where the treatment is provided in one single session.

  • Rectum Brachytherapy Applicators
    Rectum Brachytherapy Applicators

    The Intracavitary Mold has been designed to tailor the dose to asymmetrically located tumors in anatomical cavities. Its flexible cylinder material can be bent gently during insertion to minimize patient discomfort while it optimizes conformal target coverage.

  • Remote Services
    Remote Services

    Optimize and fine-tune clinical performance with our real-time online services. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Reporting & Analysis

    Elekta Software includes over 200 standard reports and the ability to customize individual reports to meet your center’s requirements.

  • Resource Scheduling

    Elekta Software centralizes scheduling, automates schedule administration, and keeps tabs on scheduled activities.

  • Ring Applicator Set
    Ring Applicator Set

    The Ring Applicator simulates the Stockholm Box technique using a ring and a rigid intrauterine tube.

  • Ring CT-MR Applicator
    Ring CT-MR Applicator

    The Ring CT/MR Applicator uses the ring to create a pear-shaped dose. This proven dosimetry shape matches the anatomy of the cervix and endometrium.

  • Rotte Endometrial Applicator
    Rotte Endometrial Applicator

    The Rotte Endometrial Applicator (or Rotte “Y” applicator) is specifically designed for high dose rate treatment of the endometrium.

  • Rotterdam Nasopharyngeal Mold
    Rotterdam Nasopharyngeal Mold

    The Rotterdam Nasopharyngeal Mold is manufactured from a flexible silicone material to easily shape the radiation dose in the nasopharyngeal cavity. It consists of two channels on the upper surface to optimize the dose distribution and reduce the surface dose.

  • Sentinel™

    Patient motion monitoring and management solution

  • Service and Support
    Service and Support

    Experience guaranteed uptime and optimal performance of Elekta solutions through Service and Support packages tailored to each customer’s needs.

  • Shielded Cylindrical Applicator Set
    Shielded Cylindrical Applicator Set

    The Shielded Cylindrical Applicator is designed for intracavitary treatments in which partial shielding is required to reduce the dose to critical organs.

  • Skin Brachytherapy Applicators
    Skin Brachytherapy Applicators

    Brachytherapy offers non-invasive skin radiation to complement or replace surgery for skin cancer. With our applicators, in a few fractions, a high skin radiation dose can be delivered to the tumor with a low dose to the surrounding area, providing a short and effective treatment.

  • Smit Sleeve
    Smit Sleeve

    The Smit Sleeve is designed for fractionated endometrial treatment.

  • Software Consultation Services
    Software Consultation Services

    Elekta Software's line of STRATEGIQ consultative services for oncology are designed to transform the Elekta Software oncology IT investment into effective management solutions that add clinical and operational values to the cancer program.

  • Software Services

    Elekta Software's global service organization is dedicated to being a true extension of your department.

  • Software Training Opportunities

    Elekta offers a comprehensive calendar of fee-based educational opportunities designed for your entire department – from experienced users to those with little working knowledge of the Elekta Software system.

  • Standard CT-MR Applicator Set
    Standard CT-MR Applicator Set

    The Standard CT-MR Applicator Set is designed using a composite fiber tubing to eliminate distortion on CT or MR images.

  • Standard Nasopharyngeal Applicator Set
    Standard Nasopharyngeal Applicator Set

    The Standard Nasopharyngeal Applicator is designed for treatment of the nasopharyngeal cavity.

  • Stereotactic Neurosurgery
    Stereotactic Neurosurgery

    Stereotactic Neurosurgery is an integrated solution for minimally invasive neurosurgery for localization and treatment of targets within the brain.

  • Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
    Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

    When maximum precision and accuracy are needed for stereotactic and hypo-fractionated therapies, Elekta provides a complete solution to deliver SRS and SRT with confidence.

  • SupportPlus™

    Online support for Elekta customers.

  • Symmetry™

    Unique 4D kV imaging provides 4D volume imaging of moving tumor immediately prior to treatment. This allows moving targets to be treated aggressively without compromising the safety of adjacent critical structures.


    SYNERGISTIQ integrates MOSAIQ and Elekta digital linear accelerators using a unified and synchronized workflow.

  • System Connectivity & Interfaces

    Elekta Software’s line of HL7-compliant external systems interfaces (ESIs) adheres to the latest Health Level 7 communication standards to support the electronic exchange of patient information.

  • Ti Vaginal Cylinder Applicator Set
    Ti Vaginal Cylinder Applicator Set

    The Ti Vaginal Cylinder Applicator Set is an easy to use brachytherapy applicator for intracavitary treatment.

  • TPS Patch Downloads

    Download patches for Elekta TPS Software Systems

  • Treatment Delivery

    MOSAIQ® provides complete freedom to choose the best treatment technologies from any vendor.

  • Treatment Planning Software
    Treatment Planning Software

    Our solutions, including XiO® and Monaco®, cover the spectrum of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and particle therapy techniques. Elekta provides comprehensive tools to make planning easier, simpler and clinically reliable.

  • Treatment Planning Software Upgrades

    Upgrade your TPS software

  • Upgrades and Accessories
    Upgrades and Accessories

    Elekta provides solutions to help customers grow their practice, treat more patients and improve workflow.

  • Utrecht Interstitial CT-MR Applicator
    Utrecht Interstitial CT-MR Applicator

    The Utrecht Interstitial CT-MR applicator is a state-of-the-art treatment solution for combined intracavitary and interstitial cervical brachytherapy

  • Vaginal Applicator Set
    Vaginal Applicator Set

    The Vaginal Applicator can be used to treat vaginal cuff, cervix, rectum or endometrium when used with an intrauterine tube.

  • Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel Applicator
    Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel Applicator

    Bringing the right dose to the right place is critical in successful vaginal brachytherapy. The Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel Applicator has been specifically designed for vaginal brachytherapy to provide accurate target coverage and maximum conformity for gynecologic malignancies.

  • Vaginal CT-MR Applicator Set
    Vaginal CT-MR Applicator Set

    Vaginal CT-MR Applicator set is designed for treatment of the vaginal cuff and is available in different cylinder diameters to reduce the surface dose.

  • Valencia Skin Applicator
    Valencia Skin Applicator

    The Valencia Skin Applicator is a tungsten-shielded skin radiation applicator for contact treatments. The applicator’s unique fixed flattening filter provides a flat and homogeneous isodose pattern. The flat skin radiation dose can be applied very precisely to skin and surface targets.

  • Vienna Ring CT-MR Applicator Set
    Vienna Ring CT-MR Applicator Set

    The Vienna Ring CT-MR Applicator is based on the CT-MR Ring Applicator, enhanced with the addition of nine guide holes in the ring tube, allowing placement of interstitial titanium needles using the ring tube as a needle template while maintaining the treatment channel of the ring tube.

  • VolumeView

    VolumeView provides low dose volumetric 3D data sets with submillimeter isotropic resolution, acquired with the patient in the treatment position.

  • Web-Based Support

    SupportPlus is Elekta Software’s dedicated customer support web portal that brings the full power of our support organization straight to your desktop.

  • What is DICOM?
    What is DICOM?

    DICOM 3 provides a specification for transferring medical images and related information between computers.

  • WingSTEP™

    The WingSTEP comfortably positions and supports the arms above the head in supine position.

  • XiO®

    XiO is a comprehensive 3D IMRT treatment planning platform that combines the latest tools and more robust dose calculation algorithms.

  • XVI

    2D and 3D kV imaging enables 2D and 3D volume imaging to allow soft tissue detail to be seen in any area of the body immediately prior to treatment.


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