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The Environment

We care for the environment, striving to minimize any negative impact

Environmental responsibility

Elekta’s environmental efforts contribute to a business trend that is sustainable long term. By considering a product’s environmental impact during its complete life-cycle as early as in the design phase, and by minimizing the waste of resources in production, air and water emissions, and the use of environmentally hazardous materials, the company’s environmental impact is reduced.

Our products will help our customers’ clinics to meet their own environmental objectives, as well as their need for cost-effective treatments. Looking to the future, it is also a question about managing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and about planning for increasing scarcity and higher costs of materials and energy.

Environmental Policy & Management System

Elekta’s environmental responsibility is based on the group’s environmental policy. It describes how each employee should work to limit the operation’s environmental impact. The objective is to continuously reduce the operation’s environmental impact, and to comply with all environmental laws and regulations that are relevant to Elekta’s products, production units and to the markets in which business is conducted.

For several years, Elekta has maintained an approach to work with environmental management systems in alignment with the ISO14001 standard.


Elekta complies with all applicable environmental legislation and continuously follows up on any amendments or additions in the legislation, such as the REACH regulation, the WEEE rules and the RoHS directive.
Elekta also is active through the European trade federation COCIR, in working to establish a schedule to facilitate voluntary compliance with the ErP Directive by focusing on ecodesign and energy efficiency, and participates in creating international standards, such as IEC 60601-1-9 EcoDesign for medical devices (environmentally conscious design).

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals)
  • WEEE  (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • ErP (Energy-related Products)


Elekta is implementing ecoDesign for medical devices in the product development process, which specifies  that environmental requirements are part of the product specification. The environmental impact of products and technical solutions is reduced throughout the product lifecycle, e.g.

  • Use of technology that enables our products to operate with up to 30% less electrical consumption than typical competition over the use phase of the life-cycle
  • Products that are designed to enable dismantlement, i.e. easy separable for disposal and recycling of product materials at the end of the product life
  • Reduction, elimination and recycling of product packaging
  • Reduction of hazardous substances in products and processes
  • Reduction of pollution, waste and use of energy and water by improving the environmental performance of facilities

Environmental Footprint

The For the second consecutive year, Elekta has participated in the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and has reported to the CDP facts and figures related to its climate footprint. CDP is supported by 534 influential investors and by prominent politicians worldwide. CDP aims to reduce global warming by reducing green house gas emissions from industry and commerce and, in so doing, help fulfill international protocols on climate change. Companies report on their emissions as well as their environmental business strategies to evaluate how seriously they have integrated these practices. Elekta’s results are presented in CDP’s report on Nordic companies. For more information, go to

Travel and transport

Elekta has chosen to work with a business partner for the management of transport of finished goods and spare parts. This enables efficient coordination of transport of our own products as well as those from other companies. This also ensures that storage sites worldwide are optimized for minimal handling of products and shortest transport distances. We constantly are following-up every transport to enable further improve efficiency and distance and, accordingly, environmental impact.

Elekta also is striving to reduce travel, an example of which is the development and installation of IntelliMax™, a technological solution for remote monitoring of linear accelerators at customer sites. While customers benefit from higher clinical availability, the number of customer visits from service technicians is reduced, resulting in reduced need for travel and associated carbon emissions. The objective is to further increase the installed base of this solution in close cooperation with Elekta’s customers.

As most global and geographically distributed companies do today, we also are reducing the number of business trips by choosing video and Webex conferencing, saving both time and the environment!

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