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Society and other External Parties

We care for transparency, openness and accessibility in relation with society and other external parties

Disclosure of financial and CSR aspects in external communication

Elekta is committed to comply with all relevant laws and regulations on accounting to ensure correctness and transparency and give a fair picture of Elekta’s activities, structure, financial situation and performance. Elekta also aims at integrity in all communication in efforts to ensure timely and accurate reporting of financial information and other relevant information on its business to the public.

Elekta discloses information about governance, environmental, social and ethical performance to a number of sustainability indices, including the Carbon Disclosure Project. The goal is to further develop sustainability reporting and implement relevant Key Performance Indicators.

Community involvement

Elekta has its largest installed base in mature markets in which the general standard of living is high and the medical sector is most developed and can invest in high technology product for cancer treatment. In recent years, Elekta has invested in development and production of a linear accelerator product range that better suits developing markets and the general conditions encountered in these countries.

This investment involves technology transfer, establishing production and training and education of the work force in our facility near Beijing, China. The new product range also will enable investments in secure cancer care in developing markets. Elekta is committed to expanding our presence in these countries.

Another example of Elekta's commitment is the cooperation with Swedfund, a risk capital company that supports emerging markets for special financing needs. This has resulted in a project to build the first radiation oncology center in Ghana.

Charity and sponsorships

Elekta is sponsoring a number of initiatives and funds for research activities within healthcare and cancer management, and gives support to patient care in special situations. Elekta and its employees also are committed to support various charity and sponsorship initiatives on a local level. Some of the initiatives are presented in the brochure "In the Community".

Stakeholder dialog

There are many stakeholders across the company, all with a different set of expectations about the business. Our aim is to continue to develop and further explore our stakeholder dialog in a respectful manner. Our ability to operate a responsible business is directly related to creating a strong and well-renowned brand that supports a long-term sustainable market presence and growth.

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