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Employees and Business Partners

We care for fair, equitable and compliant relations with our employees and business partners

Respecting human rights in all relations

Elekta supports and respects international conventions concerning human rights, e.g. the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights. We do not accept the use of exploitative child labor, nor forced or compulsory labor.

Elekta promotes diversity and equal treatment and no employee should be discriminated against because of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, political opinion, religion, social origin, ethnic background, disability or for any other reason prohibited by local law.

Elekta’s policy is to respect the rights of all employees to freely associate with any workers’ association or group of their choice or collective bargaining in accordance with local legislation and applicable conventions.

One Elekta – a multitude of individuals

Elekta’s corporate culture is characterized by creativity, sensibility and diversity. A passion for the company’s products and customers, combined with an aspiration to improve, extend and save lives is the common denominator that drives Elekta’s employees to work as a team and to always strive to do their best.

Regardless of where in the world operations are conducted, Elekta’s employees show mutual respect for one another’s technical knowledge, experiences and special expertise. The entrepreneurial values that have always been a part of the organization advance the company and Elekta’s mission, vision and values, and ensure that all employees, regardless of cultural background, skills or work assignments, pursue the shared vision – of creating new opportunities for care through innovation and cooperation.

Focus on skills and equal opportunities

Elekta is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity, which in practice means that employment decisions are made based on merits and qualification or similar work-related criteria. We want to have the best available person in every job. Also, Elekta aims to ensure that all employees with the same experience and qualifications should receive equal pay for equal work in accordance with local standards.

Yearly performance reviews, including training and development plans

Elekta actively pursues a group-wide performance-management process that encompasses all employees. Through annual individual objectives for employees’ work and professional development, and a clear review process, Elekta has developed a structure to ensure competence sourcing and to enhance employee skills in the organization.

There are extensive training programs for employees in processes and procedures related to their immediate work, but also to general compliance, as part of requirements operating in the medical device industry. Many operations require formal certification of the employee to be able to perform the task and secure safe working conditions, e.g. within manufacturing, installation and service operations.

Complementing the performance management process, Elekta maintains a separate succession plan, in which top management and other critical positions are reviewed regularly so that the company can prepare to support the individual’s career development and to enhance their jobs skills for a current or future role within the company.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

On a regular basis, Elekta conducts a global employee survey containing a broad range of questions pertaining to the company in general and the employee’s function specifically. The results form a basis with which to improve organizational capabilities and increase employee satisfaction.

Safe and sound working environment

Elekta operates in several countries and is committed to follow all local regulations regarding health and safety. There are special policies and working related procedures developed for our sites. There are “Emergency Response Teams”, “Safety Committees” or other local similar functions appointed as responsible and main contact for Health and Safety issues. All sites provide training to employees related to health and safety.

Responsible business conduct

Elekta has selected business partners throughout the supply chain to supply components and products and to sell and service products in countries in which there is no local Elekta office.

Our business partners have signed our Code of Conduct as a part of the contract and thereby have agreed to abide by our principles of responsible business conduct.

The Code of Conduct sets out the principles and rules for anti-corruption, i.e. bribery, money laundering and fraud. Transactions are monitored to secure correctness and completeness. The Code also sets forth the principles for performing business in a competitive manner, adhering to laws and regulations, and refraining from entering into any anti-competitive arrangements with third parties, i.e. setting any terms of sale, rigged biddings, market/customer division or boycotts.

Elekta implements an extensive ongoing evaluation process and dialogue with business partners for monitoring and assessing their performance beyond financial criteria, including quality indicators, health and safety standards, customer support and timeliness.

Healthcare professionals

Elekta is a member of several trade associations and thereby acts under several Code of Conduct frameworks that are commonly developed within each sphere of associated companies.

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