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OpenRT Certification

Streamlined Interoperability Between RTP & Elekta Software's EMR

At Elekta Software, we believe that standards compliance and system-wide functionality are essential aspects of developing integrated tools to improve overall process efficiency. Elekta Software’s OpenRT Certification program establishes compliance, validation, deployment, and support standards to support the interoperability of multi-component systems and to enhance quality of care. With OpenRT Certification, customers can purchase the treatment planning system and the EMR/V&R system of their choice without worrying if the systems will work together.

Standards Compliance & Seamless Implementation

The program ensures connectivity between the treatment planning system, Elekta Software’s electronic medical record (EMR), and the linear accelerator by requiring vendors to transfer all of the data needed to effectively manage treatment planning, setup, and delivery.

Single-Point™ Customer Support

With OpenRT Certification, technical support is available in a single phone call. Customers may contact either Elekta Software or their treatment planning vendor to resolve any problems that arise.

Participating Companies

Elekta Software would like to acknowledge NOMOS and Philips in their efforts to join us in establishing a program to ensure interoperability across multiple systems.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the program administrator, Leon Tomczyk, for additional information.

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