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Elekta Research Grants

Elekta Investigator Initiated Research Grant Application

General Information

Elekta has a long and rich tradition of supporting investigator initiated research that leads to advances in technology and clinical care.  We depend on close collaborative relationships with investigators who are themselves leaders in their respective fields. These relationships and the results of our joint research efforts are among the keys to our success and leadership in our industry.

In order to maintain the highest standards, we have formulated a process to guide applicants through the research application. This process is intended to result in a well-defined and high quality research program that is mutually beneficial.

Elekta’s Research Collaborations Program acts in accordance with international and US Federal regulations that govern research funding provided by health care manufacturers to health care providers. The Program complies with the Elekta Code of Conduct, Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, the Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from the US Office of Inspector General, and US Federal and State Sunshine Reporting of Payments to Physicians.

Elekta can support investigator initiated Research and Development Agreement Projects via various mechanisms that include:

  • The provision of research funds,
  • Information, access to research hardware and/or software , and
  • Access to other Elekta resources as deemed necessary for the research.

Your work will in turn benefit Elekta in the form of information, access to intellectual property, research results and the like.

To apply for a research grant, please complete the application form. To request a grant application form, please email your request to

This application has been adapted from U.S. National Institution of Health applications that are likely familiar to you.  Applications should be focused, achievable and not overly ambitious.  Please note that Elekta places a high value on having clearly defined goals and tasks, meeting specific milestones and providing associated deliverables.  It should be made clear how these goals would be met and the tasks achieved.  Please also limit your requests to that which would be required to complete the project.

Elekta Research Grant Objectives

The Elekta Research Grant Program is intended to support clinical and technological research activities that will advance knowledge and promote innovation. Research proposals shall be expected to demonstrate strong potential for clinical innovation, technological innovation or commercialization, relating to advancements in Elekta products and clinical solutions including Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT).

Research Grant Evaluation Process

Elekta’s research committee meets on a regular basis to review grant applications. We make our best effort  to respond to you within 8-12 weeks of receipt of a completed application. If approved, we will work with you to develop a formal Research Agreement between Elekta and your Institution. The project only begins after the Research Agreement has been executed. No commitments should be made by the researcher in anticipation of this event.

Indirect Costs

In an effort to optimize the balance between direct research contributions and research overhead costs, Elekta has established a corporate policy to support a maximum funding level for Indirect Costs of 25%.  This is consistent with, and in some cases in excess of Industry-wide funding levels as well as indirect funding levels of substantially larger research support programs that are not Industry-based.

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