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Elekta's Social Media Channels

We would like you to join us in the Social Media Sphere.

RSS-Elekta RSS Feeds - Really Simple Syndication - RSS feeds enable readers to view news in a single place (i.e. your cell phone or personal computer) and in an easy format. Subscribe to Elekta’s RSS feeds to receive up-to-the-minute content including press releases, training classes, job opportunities, etc.
 Blog-Elekta Elekta Blog - Visit the Elekta blog for resources such as Elekta in the news, charitable organizations we support, links to health care resources, support groups and patient stories.
 Twitter-Elekta Twitter - Everyone's talking about Twitter and Elekta is “tweeting” along with the rest of them! Check out @Elekta, for news updates, including announcements and tweets direct from events as they happen.
 YouTube-Elekta YouTube - On Elekta’s YouTube channel, WeAreFightingCancer, watch videos, animations and Webinars of our equipment and software, as well as feedback and customer testimonials.
 Facebook-Elekta Facebook - Become a fan of Elekta on Facebook and post to our wall, view photos and videos and interact on our discussion boards.  Fan of Elekta
 LinkedIn Elekta Group LinkedIn - Read the company discussions and link to peers.
Pinterest Pinterest - view the latest product images and videos, links to latest news and events

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